Website Maintenance Service and Support

Website maintenance: 2 key reasons

First, you keep your content on the site fresh by adding or changing your site. And secondly, maintaining the technical functionality of your website – functionality and timeliness of your plugins, as well as other technical aspects such as secure connection and speed of your website.

Content maintenance service – what I offer:

Picture & graphics maintenance

Updating, professional editing & research of images, graphics and video for your website
Images of products and services or graphics often have to be put online or exchanged. With online shops, the effort is particularly high. I take over the optimization of images and their correct placement on your website. If you don't have any suitable images, I'll be happy to research and edit them for you.

Maintenance of texts

I create and change texts, product description and interesting blog posts in accordance with SEO
I would be happy to take over the content maintenance of texts on your website. I also maintain current topics, news and interesting blog posts in accordance with SEO, so that your customers can find you faster. I revise the existing texts and make my suggestions for their SEO optimization. I would be happy to advise you on promising keywords.

On-Page SEO

So that you can be found more easily by your customers in Google and Co. I offer on-page SEO
Here I ensure a clear structure with clear headings and texts, a simple menu and internal links for a better ranking in the search results. Provided that the texts are adapted to specific keywords and provide interesting and new content. To do this, I will show you visitor & SEO-friendly structures and, if necessary, adapt the structure & content.
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Technical maintenance service– what I offer

Technisches Updates

Updates of plugins, CMS, theme, security certificates for smooth and safe functioning of your website
This includes the regular updating of plugins, theme and content management system (e.g. WordPress). Otherwise, tools that are not updated will lead to problems on the website, error messages or security risks. The security certificate for a website, known as https, also needs an extension. By doing regular software updates to your website, this is avoided.

Data backup

Protection against data loss. In case of data loss, you have a backup of your website from me.
A regular data backup, which is often forgotten, is the only way to save your website from data loss. There are many reasons for data loss: errors in your web server, installing a plugin, hacking your website, testing different designs. I create regular data backups for you or restore the backed up data in a very uncomplicated and ad hoc manner.


Checking errors using Google Webmaster, troubleshooting, website monitoring
I use Google Webmaster to check the functionality of the server and fix other errors, such as error 404 or the wrong display in the mobile version. If the server often causes long loading times and you want to choose a different server provider, I will be happy to help you move your website to another server and, if necessary, I will also support you in choosing the server provider.

What kind of website support do you need?

A monthly basic fee for a suitable WordPress package or individual training

Questions about website maintenance

On the one hand, to keep the website up to date and provide information about your company. On the other hand, so that your website always appears correct and error-free on the Internet, without any technical problems.

What would also be important: With new Google algorithms, you would have to keep adding new information to your website. This will give you a better search engine ranking.

Many think that a new website doesn’t need maintenance – but that’s not entirely true. I would also like to explain why. However, even if you are happy with your content and don’t plan to change it, technical maintenance will be due in a few days, e.g. WordPress, plugins updates and updates to your website. In web design, content means the entire content of your website – text, images and graphics.

For small websites with minor adjustments, 1–2 hours of work per month is usually sufficient. Even with larger websites with equally small changes, the amount of work will not be significantly higher. On average, the costs for website support for 1–4 hours are between 45-200 euros/month. For online shops with major adjustments, there is a greater workload.

Website maintenance is about maintaining the website content, website maintenance is about the technical functionality of the website. Sometimes people also talk about website maintenance, which combines care and maintenance together.

Definitely yes, if you are familiar with WordPress. In particular, to update your content. Technical maintenance is a bit more complicated and requires some technical knowledge.

If you have specific questions about your website or maintenance, I offer you individual training/consultation via video meeting with the necessary accompanying materials: PowerPoint, Excel spreadsheet, screenshots, etc.

Have more questions about website maintenance or website support?
I would be happy to advise you!

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