Web design trends 2023

More videos, animations, immersive interactions, return to the 90s and 2000s, timeless classics Art Deco with a focus on writing and message, eclectic patterns, abstractions and complex shapes, the synthesis of graphics and photos, color gradients, glass effect and the many facets of the crystals. These are the trends that will drive web design in 2023. Consider these trends with examples.

Videos & Animation

Modern websites should be “alive” and “dynamic”. How to achieve this? There are several options, which I will explain below.

Many users prefer videos, regardless of age or gender. Videos attract attention and “sell” much better than images and text. The best solution for the website would be a video about the company that is about 2 minutes long, i.e., a short portfolio video. If you are a service provider, then I recommend an exciting section of your work process or possible recommendations from your customers in video format. With videos in which you personally present your processes and your products, you build trust with your potential customers. With this content you can achieve far more than just text and images. Visitors can see and hear you—that inspires trust. Providing the quality of the video is just as convincing.

Another way to make the website livelier is the immersive scrolling of parallax scrolling (translated: change scrolling). The website is changed as soon as you scroll up or down. Each block is a new mini design with moving elements. A block content is adapted to the screen of a device and the background image is fixed so that when you scroll, the background image scrolls with it. This effect also brings other problems, such as longer loading times, or it can be overloaded with many effects and then be perceived as uneasy. Therefore, one should consider what exactly should be emphasized and how this should be implemented elegantly without weighing down the website.

The third option is to use different animations.

For example:

  • Animated cursor changes shape or size as you move the cursor from one block to another
  • Logo Animation
  • Micro animation with images and text
  • 360 degree animation for the presentation of goods (e.g. clothing, furniture, decorations, household appliances)

3-d images and graphics

3-d images and graphics make the website livelier and more expressive. In addition, more and more 3-D headings are used in the accents. The website into a new spatial dimension and makes it possible.

Abstraction, pattern, sketches

Abstractions are trending in web design in 2023! Just like the patterns (repeating patterns) and drawings «by hand». All these abstractions should stimulate our brain. It should not be perceived passively like a finished picture, but should evoke your own thoughts and thus arouse the sympathy of visitors.
Trends-Abstraktionen und Muster


Another visual solution that is gaining popularity — gradients, and especially multi-color. Smooth transitions of colors, tones and halftones, the use of wider and lighter palettes to create mood, blurry abstraction, jazz style – away from boring and monotonous colors. This trend is primarily developing in the fashion and lifestyle areas.

Calm & natural colors, sustainability and nature

Prefer calm colors and subtle contrasts. If you prefer less is more design, then Scandinavian style is another trending direction of modern web design that you might consider. Natural colors such as OLIVE, beige, pale pink, gray-blue, muted yellow, cream and pistachio are perfect for this. The patterns from nature, minimalist images and self-painted patterns make up this design.
trend naturfarben

Aesthetics of the black color

Many modern websites and web designers are opting for black. Completely monochromatic and dark websites with a combination of gray for typography and illustrations also have a stylish look. After long years of the reign of light tones, the trend is emerging towards the side of dark websites.

Humane Copyright

The emotional distance between users and the website should be significantly reduced, primarily through relaxed communication. Dry and monotonous headlines are a thing of the past compared to sentences that convey the feeling of having a direct conversation with a real person.

It is particularly important that you, as a copywriter, can put yourself in the position of your target group. Whether online or offline: advertising texts are addressed to potential customers and should open a dialogue. Make the right use of direct contact to win new customers or strengthen existing customer relationships.

But: Don’t let the many trends and impressions scare you. Together we will work out the right design for you.


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Author Veronika Keiner

I have been working in the marketing field since 2012. In 2019, due to increasing digitization, I trained as an online marketing specialist and since then I have enjoyed the work a lot. Web design & SEO inspire me a lot! I will be happy to help you with many interesting ideas, advise you and implement your desired design. I look forward to your project!

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