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Every design & every website is an individual product, into which a lot of creativity and ideas flow. It is precisely these creative tasks that I particularly enjoy. Depending on what you have in mind & what CI you have, I will provide you with several ideas with different designs for your own inspiration.
I create modern, interesting and, just as importantly, fast websites for desktop, phone & tablet. Your website will convince!
Not only do I offer website design, I also offer my expertise to present your business at its best.

Your additional advantages

I also offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and SEA services. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) leads to better visibility of your website. With SEO measures in place, your customers will find you quickly, ideally directly on the first page. I can also take these measures into account during the design phase and implement them. We can also discuss that and I will make you specific suggestions.
However, SEO optimization not only includes optimizations on the website, but also other activities such as logging into Search Console or other portals/business directories, etc. These measures will be implemented as soon as the website goes online. We can also discuss that personally.

You get a website/homepage with further advantages:

In order to make the website as targeted as possible, I carefully work out the graphic elements of the pages, create personal icons, fonts, diagrams and photos. Based on your logo, I choose the right colors for your website and create a modern web design .

User Interface Design

The structure of the website is the most important building block, especially for your customers. The functionality and comprehensibility of the content play a decisive role here. That's why I discuss all the details of your business and your ideas and possibilities with you

User Usability

The convenience of a design for customers often decides how long the customer stays on the website, so it is important to offer the customer a convenient website so that all information can be reached quickly. Here we talk about interface design and user experience.

Fast website

The responsiveness of a website is not only important for the customer, but also for the Google rating of a website. The higher or better the speed metrics, the better it is for customers and positioning in Google.


The responsiveness of a website is its appearance on all devices: PC, tablet and smartphone. When developing the design, I create an optimal design for all these devices. Modern tools allow design testing and appropriate adjustments on all of these devices.

Website designs: the most famous types

The aim of an online shop is to sell user products. With the help of new technologies and modern CMS like WordPress, I can create fast and modern e-commerce shops. You can also make further adjustments and content updates yourself later with the modern CMS. I like creating online stores that make it easy for users to search for products, filter by category, see specific offers, and make purchases.

Corporate websites without e-commerce often have a representative and informative character, but do not offer a direct sale of a product or service through the website. It is important to offer a clear structure with all important information. Here it is important to provide information about the company, the products or services, unique selling points, any certificates and contact forms for inquiries.

A portfolio website is a specific type of website and is commonly used by artists, photographers, designers, or developers. Since a portfolio website is often very graphics-based, images, photos and graphic designs can be well presented. You should pay particular attention to high-quality and light images. In contrast to corporate websites, the amount of text is usually reduced. Do you run an exhibition or are you an artist in the Oberland and would like to present your work online, then prepare lots of beautiful pictures of your work – this will ensure your success and your level of recognition.

If you are a craftsman or service provider, present both your company and your portfolio. Here it is important for both: to provide a lot of relevant and interesting information about yourself and your company, as well as many appealing pictures about your projects, which immediately convince the customer and initiate the customer to contact you.

Question about Websites-Design (FAQ)

There are several compelling arguments:

  • Make customers aware of your company or yourself
  • Accessibility & Awareness
  • Space for interesting & relevant information
  • More sales
  • Inexpensive & targeted marketing
  • timeliness

You communicate with your customers through your website. Your website should appeal to your customers emotionally and visually. I will help you to achieve this goal with a good visualization and WordPress website. In a consultation and with concrete design ideas, I’ll show you what your modern website could look like.

  • good & easy to understand content
  • uniqueness of the content
  • original design
  • responsives Design
  • short loading times
  • good information structure throughout the website
  • elegant calls to action
  • Easy to implement
  • Many free extensions
  • Do not need programming skills
  • Fast backup
  • Security
  • Customer can make changes by themselves

My customers are self-employed, small and medium-sized companies from all areas. No matter whether you want to create a web shop, company website or a homepage, I will create a unique item for you at a tempting price. I would be happy to send you several interesting ideas and inspirations for your future design in advance without obligation.

Colloquially, the homepage means the entire website, with all subpages. In online marketing, however, a homepage is only one page – the start page.

Here I limit myself to the 4 most important elements of a successful web design for a website

1 . size of items

The size of elements on a web page plays a crucial role. Elements intended to draw attention should be larger, while secondary or additional elements should be smaller.

2. Web design colors

The color design of a website undeniably influences perception. The key here is to keep a balance and not overdo it. I typically use an accent color and 2-3 additional colors for a website. If you already have a logo, I will derive the color scheme for your website from that.

3. Typography

I don’t use more than 2 fonts in a website’s typography. The selected font usually depends on the industry and of course on your own settings. The different font sizes provide structure and make it easier to perceive and prioritize.

4. Attractively grouped blocks of information and larger spacing

The blocks of information or images should be grouped in an appealing and compact manner. I usually use the so-called “F” pattern to position the content. High quality images in the same format ensure good aesthetics and consistency within the design.

And the important thing is that all elements should match each other, match graphics and colors and not be overloaded with text.

This depends on the time and complexity it takes to create a website. Several factors have an influence:

  • How many pages should the website contain?
  • Who writes content/texts for the website or do you already have finished texts?
  • How much text and images needs to be placed on the website?
  • Do you have your own images or does a web designer need to take care of them?
  • How fast does the website need to be created?
  • Should search engine optimization be taken into account

In addition, there is the complexity of the website, how many elements should be accommodated on one page, how many links, etc.

A simple company website or portfolio website will cost around 800 euros, provided they provide me with suitable text and images.
The time required for an online shop is usually higher.

Therefore, each project must be considered individually. Depending on your wishes, I will be happy to explain to you exactly what is required for the project and what effort you should expect.


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