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Goals you can achieve with SEA:

If you want your product or service to appear in the top positions in the search results as quickly as possible – for specific keywords and in specific locations. You reach your customers quickly and increase sales.

For remarketing campaigns – to attract customers who have previously visited your website by showing the page or product they viewed on other websites. Suitable for both shops and service companies.

For new websites to get instant exposure and traffic, as well as check keyword performance. Deriving information: Which keywords do you get searched for and clicked on the most? For new products or services to measure their success rate. To increase brand awareness by showing your ads in search results, even if you don’t pay for them. You only pay if the ad is clicked.

How I set SEA Campaign for customers


Keywords: analysis and strategy

In the first step, I analyze the structure of your website. I define relevant terms and term fields for each page. I research how often these terms are searched for and how high the competition is. I use the promising search terms for the SEA campaign. It is defined on which keywords with the respective landing pages and for which budget ads are placed online.

If you have already decided on certain keywords, I would be happy to advise you and, if necessary, suggest further keywords


Ads: Create and optimize

After the keywords are decided, I start creating the ad. Interesting, creative and versatile texts are essential for a professional realization. In the next step, the first optimizations are carried out. Continuous optimization measures such as maintaining keywords, adjusting bid strategies, regional adjustments or setting up remarketing campaigns are an integral part of professional Google advertising.

I would be happy to discuss with you at regular intervals, whether you are satisfied with the results of the advertising and provide you with a monthly report.


Google advertising costs

You decide for yourself what budget you want to invest in Google advertising on a daily/monthly basis. Each additional keyword in Google Ads costs extra or has its own price. This largely depends on its demand. Another price factor is the quality of your ad. The higher the quality of the ad, the less you have to pay for your ad. With good, relevant advertising texts and an optimized landing page, you can achieve a good quality factor and a bonus from Google.

I would be happy to advise you on setting your budget, creating advertising texts and making ongoing adjustments.

I support you in investing your advertising budget sensibly

With every budget for every place and at the right time!


Your advantages of Google advertising

Immediate visibility

About 95% of all search queries are made via Google. If you don’t have a good organic ranking for the keywords you want, Google Ads is the most relevant tool for quick visibility.

Measurable success

Other important interactions such as “sending inquiries” or “selling goods” can be successfully measured via the advertisement. Key figures, costs per lead or ROAS to name just a few.

Plannable costs & cost control

You determine how high your advertising budget should be. Only the actual clicks on the ad are paid for. The budget can be adjusted at any time – changes take effect immediately.

Regional or local focus

You determine the locality for which your ad is relevant: Is it just one city, one state, several states or several cities in different states? All of this is configurable, including the time and when the ad must be active.

Low scattering loss

Would you like to address your potential customers directly and in a targeted manner with your ads? You can make your ads visible to the right customer group and get the most out of your campaigns. If you are looking for customers with a specific purchase intention, the target group can be defined via Google Ads and you can win them over!

A good start for new websites

For a new web page that does not have good visibility in the organic search results and has too little traffic, an additional advantage would be to research new keywords for the website and thus gain new impulses and ideas for the SEO optimization of your website.

Who do I advertise on Google? If you want to achieve:

If you want to appear at the top of the Google results for certain keywords, then I will align the search campaign for you. This is the most well-known and widespread type of Google campaigns. Assuming you are a dentist in Munich, Starnberg or Bad Tölz and would like to limit your clientele to a radius of 30 km or advertise your new “implants” service, then this campaign type is the right one for you. For example, if you are a service provider in the real estate sector, then this campaign type would also be suitable for quick visibility in the region. The advantage of this campaign type is the similarity with the organic results. Your customer may not even notice that it is an ad.

If you consider the idea of ​​presenting and selling your products on the Internet, you have the option of advertising the goods on the Internet and selling them directly in the online shop. The advantage of this type of display is that the searcher gets a direct impression of the product and learns its price and shipping costs. This is especially useful when you want to find the in-market audience and showcase your products one at a time. In this case, I will set up an individual shopping campaign for you.

If you want to build your branding & awareness, I recommend a display campaign. With this type of campaign, you can define exactly where your ad will be visible. Here, too, you can define your target group precisely, because the focus is on the target group and not on the search terms. The campaign orientation is therefore not based on the keywords, but on the target group and their detailed description. For example, if you are the owner of a car shop and want to reach a specific target group, then this is achieved via the display campaign. Experience has shown that it takes some time for customers to decide to make a purchase, so you can use this to draw attention to yourself and define your target group as follows: Target group ready to buy and interested, searching for the keywords “buy a VW car” and more visited your competitors’ websites. With such an attitude, you will reach the qualitative leads that otherwise would not have visited your website.

If you want to reach potential customers who have already inquired about similar products or services, eg on other websites or competitor’s websites, then display advertising can be the right way to attract new customers. An accurate advertisement with a suitable image or video and a short title on thematically appropriate websites or YouTube ensures your success.

Remarketing campaigns give you the opportunity to re-engage customers. Your ads will be shown to the exact customers who have visited your site in the past. Assuming you want to bring back your customers, those who have visited your website in the last 30 days or already know your products, you can target them to your website. An example of this would be: A customer is looking for a suitable car and visits your website. He probably needs a little more time for the final purchase decision and in the meantime also visits other sites, e.g. Autoscout24 or YouTube. And it is precisely on these portals that your potential customer can see your ad. You remind him unobtrusively of your offer – and this is exactly where you can win him back. The website on which your ads are displayed can be freely configured in Google Ads. This campaign offers interesting and diverse opportunities for every business.

Questions about SEA (FAQ)

In the past, SEA worked mainly through the selection of keywords. Today there are other options: select target groups in Google Ads, with which you define exactly which people should see your advertising. This promises more success for your campaign.

What do you need to define your target group? This includes a fundamental analysis of customer characteristics and your competitors. In Google Ads you have the possibility to define your target group according to interests or behavior. Here, your target group can be aligned according to certain criteria. e.g. B. the target group that is actively looking for your services, e.g. bathroom renovation in your area.

I am happy to assist you and advise you on your target group and the possibilities of reaching you. Contact me now! 

With Google optimization (SEO) you can achieve long-term success. Although you initially carry out extensive optimizations on the website, only adjustments, updates, and additions are then necessary.

With SEA you immediately reach the first places in the Google search results. But only for the time you pay for SEA. Therefore, you should ideally use both instruments. For example, if you have added a product or another service to your business, but have not yet achieved a good placement in Google search results, or you are only offering it for a short time, then SEA is perfectly adequate for these purposes. However, if you intend to present existing and new products or services to the market, SEO measures or permanent optimization are definitely worthwhile.

Here are the 3 most common Google campaigns with a brief description:

Search campaigns – customers enter a specific search term into the Google search window – your website appears on the first page.

Display campaigns – your ad will appear on other websites and YouTube. On which websites (topic reference) and for which customers the ad is shown is defined in advance in the Google settings.

Shopping campaigns – if you run an online business and want to present and sell your products over the internet, then this campaign is ideal for you.

The right campaign type for every purpose. I would be happy to advise you on which campaign suits you best!

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