Add WhatsApp on a website. In less than 1 minute & without a plugin!

WhatsApp as an image or icon installation on the website

On the Internet and YouTube you can find several plugins for the integration of WhatsApp. However, there is the simplest method to start communication without plugins. Since each plugin makes your website bigger and heavier, try to have as few of them as possible. So, the simplest method would be to add a WhatsApp image or icon and paste the following link as the URL from that image:
Don’t forget to change the number in the link above. Now when your visitor clicks on your WhatsApp picture in the phone, your WhatsApp account will open immediately and he can write you messages, send photos or leave a voice message. When the visitor clicks on your WhatsApp picture from PC, they will need a WhatsApp desktop app to send you a message.

WhatsApp connection in text editor

However, if you want to connect WhatsApp directly in a text editor and do not use Elementor, then add the following code to the text field:
					<a href=" Text" rel="noopener">Via WhatsApp verbinden</a>
In this code you should also change the phone number and possibly formulate the linking text that will appear in the backend “Connect via WhatsApp” according to your taste. You can also insert a coded text, e.g. “Hello”, so that the customer no longer has to type the greeting word, just as an example.

Share the post via WhatsApp

To share a post in the text editor, use the following code:
					<a href=" Installation auf der Website in weniger als 1 Minute
-lies den interessanten Artikel-auf">Share the post via WhatsApp</a>

And this is what your text will look like in the frontend:
Share the post via WhatsApp (the last sentence in your code – that you can change).

You should also change the name of the post and his link in the middle of this code. Now it is name & link for this post, to show how it works.

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