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Online marketing services at a glance:

How can I support you?


You plan to create a website or change it? Then contact me directly and I will support you directly from the first step – from the collection of ideas up to the creation and management of your website. Get to know my portfolio for modern & fast websites and feel free to ask if anything is unclear!

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If you already have a website, but you want to appear on the first page of Google, I can help you to achieve that goal. This goal can be achieved above all with the right keywords, a well-structured website and meaningful texts.


Would you like to place online advertising and be on the top of the search results, or you are a shop-owner and would like to present and sell your products/services via Google? Then I would be happy to conceptualize the right strategy and set the campaign budget for you.

Your benefits

Your partner for successful online marketing

All from a single source

I implement the optimized online presence of a company for you, from the development of the design & CI up to the optimal positioning and target group-oriented advertising via Google. This is possible by building your website from the start in such a way that you should achieve a good position after the relaunch. Only little off-page optimizations and entries remain. You will reach your goal more quickly without involving different specialists and thus avoid wasting time.

Fair prices

I convince with a good price-performance ratio in all offered areas. Compared to agencies, I don’t have as high administration and rental costs. Therefore, you only pay for the pure service with me.

To be able to determine an exact price for your project, contact me and I will make you a non-binding estimate. Don’t hesitate to contact me!

Individual solutions

Only individual designs, adapted to your target group & corporate identity. If you already have a website, I’ll supplement it with specially tailored optimizations or as a quick fix as advertising via Google Ads. Depending on the strategy and budget, there is always a suitable solution.

It doesn’t matter whether you want a factual and discreet or a colorful and playful website – everything can be tested and implemented.

My skills in online marketing

CMS & tools

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Photoshop professional


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript


  • Webdesign
  • Website optimization
  • Google advertising
  • Photo editing


  • Englisch
  • German

Personal preferences

  • bright sites
  • clear structures
  • subtle accents
  • positive attitudes 🙂

Customers about me:

Kunde Alex

I am very satisfied with the result of the optimization. My goal was to appear on the first page of Google search results. During the optimization, Veronika also adjusted the texts on my website, which in my opinion now appear more accurate and structured.

Alex - Marketing Service Provider


As a new founder of a martial arts school, it was particularly important to me to promote the level of awareness of my school in the immediate vicinity. Since we also offer many courses for children, so it was also important for me to address the parents directly as a target group. Since I already have a website, I used the SEO service and I am quite satisfied with the result as the number of inquiries has increased.

Felix - owner, combat sport school

Veronika created a beautiful website, adjusted logo & colors. We only had a few ideas, Veronika took care of the rest and implemented it professionally. Especially the layout and the photos of the offered properties look great and appealing.

Natalia-Real Estate

Questions about online marketing, web design & SEO (FAQ)

Online marketing includes all online measures for addressing the target group. First of all, of course, your professional and attractive website counts . This represents you to the outside world and could initiate the first point of contact. For online shops, it is also the direct sales channel. Search engine optimization/SEO are other online marketing measures for increasing the visibility of your website. The main target of the Website-optimization is, that your customers can find you quickly. SEA/online advertising is also a part of online marketing and social media activities.

There are several compelling arguments:

  • Make customers aware of your company or yourself
  • Accessibility & Awareness
  • Space for interesting & relevant information
  • More sales
  • Inexpensive & targeted marketing
  • timeliness
  • Easy to implement
  • Many free extensions
  • Programming skills unnecessary
  • Fast backup
  • Security
  • Customers perform changes by themselves

It depends on the time and complexity it takes to create a website. Several factors have an impact:

  • How many pages should the website contain?
  • Who writes content/texts for the website, or have you already got finished texts?
  • How much text and images needs to be placed on the website?
  • Have you got your own images or does a web designer need to take care of them?
  • How fast should the website need to be created?
  • Should a search engine optimization be taken into account?

In addition, there is the complexity of the website, how many elements  should be accommodated on one page, how many links, e.g.
The costs of a simple company website or portfolio website are around 800 euros, provided they provide me with suitable text and images. The time required for an online shop is usually more.

Therefore, each project must be considered individually. Depending on your wishes, I would be happy to explain you exactly what is required for the project and which effort you should expect.

Roughly speaking, the price is made up of the following criteria:

  • Competition – who do you want to compete with? Large or rather small companies?
  • Number of sites you would like to optimize
  • Number of keywords you would like to optimize
  • Quality of the Website-content (texts, images, structure)
  • Your service or product offering
  • domain age (experience has shown that it takes longer for young domains)
  • Region of the website (e.g., only for Starnberg, Geretsried or Bavaria)
  • Technical errors
  • Usability flaws
  • site structure

It usually takes 3-4 months, but it also depends on the competition, the current state/position of the website, and the development history of the website.

Small and medium-sized businesses in particular should focus on local search results in order to reach their specific target group. This is especially applicable to medical services, lawyers, bars & restaurants, handymen, pet services, retail and real estate agencies. The first step to a successful local strategy is setting up and maintaining the business on Google My Business.

My focus is on web design & SEO for self-employed, freelancers and small & medium-sized companies in all sectors of the Upper Bavarian district Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen ( Geretsried, Bad Tölz, Starnberg, Murnau) and the surrounding area. In this way, I’m able to reach my customers quickly and personally, because personal meetings facilitate collaboration and make it more efficient.

Website designs: the most famous types

The aim of an online shop is to sell user products. With support of new technologies and modern CMS like WordPress, I  create fast and modern e-commerce shops. With such a modern CMS system, you can perform further adjustments and content updates by yourself afterwards. Creating online stores that make it easy for users to search for products, filter by category, see specific offers, and make purchases is one of my favourite tasks.

Corporate websites without e-commerce often have a representative and informative character, but don´t offer a direct sale option of a product or a service through the website. It is important to offer a clear structure with all important information. In this area it is important to provide information about the company, the products or services, unique selling points, any certificates and contact forms for inquiries.

A portfolio website is a specific type of a website and is commonly used by artists, photographers, designers, or developers. Since a portfolio website is often very graphics-based, images, photos and graphic designs can be well presented. You should pay particular attention to high-quality and light images. In contrast to corporate websites, the amount of text is usually reduced. Do you run an exhibition or are you an artist in the Oberland and would like to present your work online, then provide lots of beautiful pictures of your work – this will ensure your success and your level of recognition.

If you are a craftsman or service provider, present both your company and your portfolio. Here it is important for both: to provide a lot of relevant and interesting information about yourself and your company, as well as many appealing pictures about your projects, which immediately convince the customers and initiate the customers to contact you.

Google Werbung Ziele

If you want to appear at the top of the Google results for certain keywords, then I will align the search campaign for you. This is the most well-known and widespreaded type of Google campaigns. Assuming you are a dentist in Starnberg or Bad Tölz and would like to limit your clientele to a radius of 30 km or advertise your new “implants” service, then this campaign type is the right one for you. For example, if you are a service provider in the real estate sector, then this campaign type would also be suitable for quick visibility in the region. The advantage of this campaign type is the similarity with the organic results. Your customer may not even notice that it is an ad.

If you consider the idea of presenting and selling your products on the Internet, you have the option of advertising the goods on the Internet and selling them directly over the online shop. The advantage of this type of display is that the searcher gets a direct impression of the product and learns its price and shipping costs. This is especially useful if you want to find the products in-market audience and showcase your products one at a time. In this case, I will set up an individual shopping campaign for you.

If you want to build your branding & awareness , I would recommend a display campaign. With this type of campaign, you can define exactly where your ad is visible. Furthermore, you can define your target group precisely, because the focus is on the target group and not on the search terms. The campaign orientation is therefore not based on the keywords, but on the target group and their detailed description. For example, if you are the owner of a car shop and want to reach a specific target group, then this is achieved via the display campaign. Experience has shown that it takes some time for customers make a decision regarding the purchase, so you can use this to draw attention to yourself and define your target group as follows: Target group ready to buy and interested, searching for the keywords “buy a VW car” and more visited your competitors’ websites. With such an attitude, you should reach the qualitative leads that otherwise would not have visited your website.

Display ad can be the right way to attract your leads, who have already looked similar products or services on other websites or competitor’s websites. An accurate advertisement with a suitable image or video and a short title on thematically appropriate websites or YouTube ensures your success.

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